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Ranger / Ranger pets in wvw.

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i believe ranger pets are bugged in wvw ( is not like they always been quite op ) but anyways to the subject.

you can have ur pet attack + cc an enemy while u stealth on a ranger to then mount  up out of combat while ur pet are still attacking / cc'ing an enemy, even if the enemy deal / hit the pet which should mark both the ranger and the pet in combat it is not the case.


To me this seems like a unintended bug as it gives a  huge advantage / unfair deal in terms of playing a ranger, u can literally just jump around and use some stealth mechanics with a longbow to get out of combat while ur pet still is in combat.


- another example to why this is 'unfair' or broken is lets take a necromancer for example, if u have minions on a necromancer and someone attacks ur minions it will count u as u are in combat and not just minions, thats pretty common sense and fair deal to me as that is how it should be obviously, if u choose to attack wheter u use summon utilities or straight up damaging utilities they should always count u in combat.


Please fix this, its getting kinda bothering  to play vs 80% rangers that already exists in wvw with now having pets cc and damage u while the ranger itself stealth away and mounts up leaving u to fight the pet until he either keep distance enough for it to auto-run back or teleports away due to distance .

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