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[NA] Looking for WvW newbie ( not new player ) Guild


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I've been playing off and on since the launch of the original Guild Wars but haven't done much with GW2 except PVE and casually play now. Looking to start getting into WvW but really struggling with finding commanders to follow and still haven't been able to wrap up getting my warclaw since I can't ever find a group capturing a keep. I'm EST timezone if that helps anyone. 

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Hey what's up mate!


I totally get the struggle of finding a group to play with who can help you achieve your personal goals (like the warclaw which seems like a big dumb checklist of things to do) and also have fun to group up with people at the same time. Since you're not new at the game, it is a lot easier for you to understand the mechanics and what not that noob players would have to learn. Because of that, I won't rant to hard to you but if you're interested in joining a great guild who's all about helping you master WvW, check out my post here, or just jump straight into our discord to hang with us and check out all of our resources on WvW :). We play WvW every day in EST time zone so it shouldn't be an issue for ya!


I sent you an invite in game too just now, just in case you like what you see and you can tag up right away :)


 Hope to see you!


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