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to anet or anyone can help with caithe colors

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  • trunks.5249 changed the title to to anet or anyone can help with caithe colors

I don't think it's possible to get them exactly right. I think Anet's designers have more freedom to choose colours and things than players do. It's also complicated by the fact that Caithe's face is unique and the same colours can look quite different on different sylvari faces. I was using the first non-exclusive face because it's the least 'leafy' but it's also shiny, so all the dyes look a bit lighter.


But the nearest I could get is using Chilled Sea for the skin colour and Mist for the hair. I couldn't find a good picture of her at night, but I think her glow is just white. Those dyes are a bit too blue and the stems on her hair aren't quite green enough (they take their colour from the skin colour) but it's the closest I could get.

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