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9th Birthday Dyes

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I'm really not into the dyes but them being locked to one per year is beyond frustrating. It would have been nice to knock them out in the upcoming months  despite having no interest in them, but now they're going to be locked for years.


The rest of the gifts don't even make up for it. The feast is either terrible or bugged so it's overwritten if you sneeze on it with no way to reapply it after, and the rest are your standard karma, shards, and 2 boosts. Last year we got an ascended amulet with a unique infusion. This year we got nothing unless you like one of the 6 dyes.


It's just... very disappointing. I expected most of it since it's been the same for years, but I still thought we would get something better than one (1) blinding dye and a broken feast you can't even use if you use any other food to boost your stats/magic find.

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8 minutes ago, Sir Alymer.3406 said:

The cake is a worse starcake but a better variant of the cake that came from year 2 with the cake gun.  I, honestly, dunno how to feel about this.  The dyes are nice, but the rest of the rewards are kind of meh.

Would you be so nice and tell me what effects the cake has exactly? Ty. 

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1 hour ago, Jukhy.2431 said:

If the dyes would be tradeable then those who don't care about dyes could sell em on TP and people who collect dyes could get them all. The prices would be high (at first) but I'd likely still buy them over time. That way it would be a win-win situation.

That would have been a brilliant idea.

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15 minutes ago, DeanBB.4268 said:

I'm okay with it. I mean, free stuff that we didn't have before, right? Sure, coulda been better.

Maybe they are building up expectations for a big 10th Anniversary Present? :shrug:


You mean they lower the expectations so rapidly that they can give you the color and a happy birhtday card next year without anyone wondering?

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