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Game launches in an invisible window and effectively crashes windows

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Haven't played for a while, decided to download and get playing again today. Luckily I did not buy any of the new expansions because the game does not work.


Upon downloading all of the files and clicking play in the launcher, the game resizes my monitor, then launches in an "invisible" window. I can see my desktop and any other windows I had open behind this window, but the game itself cannot be seen, and my mouse doesn't move beyond the borders of the "invisible" window. The mouse cursor flickers. It's the GW2 mouse icon.


I can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to open task manager and see GW2 isn't responding but I can't get beyond that point - nothing is clickable not even the start menu or task manager - GW2 seems to take priority. I can only close GW2 by using the Ctrl-Alt-Del menu to sign out of my Windows account, or by switching the power.


Only thing I can think of that's being weird is that I'm using an ultrawide monitor and it doesn't like that. GPU is a GTX970, got 32GB RAM and a Ryzen 2600 CPU.

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Greetings, im running 2060 rtx tho with a 43'' uhd tv as monitor and i can run in fullscreen just fine,

my guess or suggestions is to try edit the settings without going into the game, might even wanna del them to restore them to standard.


u can find the location for ur local.dat under this wiki link.

Hope it solves ur issue and if not i hope u find a solution eitherways ofcourse.


- Xaint .

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