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[NA][PvX][Dragonbrand] New player seeking guild for all content.


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Bought the game Saturday night around midnight, so I have little over 24 hours of game time. So yea I’m pretty new. But on the good side I’ve been gaming on PC for 29 years now, ever since 1992 and for the most part all MMOs are the same.  


I come from Final Fantasy 14 where I run my own guild over there with over 200 members, but I have nothing left to do until Nov. when their next expansion comes out. So I saw an ad on FB about GW2 so I figured I’d buy it and try it out.  

So far all I’ve really done is a few of the My Story quests and went and got the raptor mount. Tried out the WvW, but seems no squads recruit new players if you aren’t in their guild, and roaming solo as a new player with crap gear gets you killed pretty quick.  


I used my boost on a revenant and found a guide on YouTube about a herald rev that uses all celestial gear, so currently trying to save what little bit of copper I get so I can buy some gear in 4 days from the TP. (As a new account I can’t use the TP until 4 days have passed). Other than that I’ve been trying to join HP trains so I can get the 250 hp to fully unlock my spec tree. So yea, other than that I’ve not been very successful in doing anything on the game.  

I’m mainly looking to join a mature active guild that’s not just recruiting for the numbers, not interested in joining just to have the leader say join our discord and find someone to play with because the leader thinks they are too good to play with new members and only runs with a select group.  
You can reply here or hit me up on discord at Desync#0002

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[SPUD] Super Potato Union Denizens is recruiting! | PvX | Raid Training | Strikes | Fracs | PvP | Free Inv | Max Boosts | Max Guild Level | New/Vets Welcome! | PM me! | Message Nutella.7953 to join the potato patch! We also have a discord: https://discord.gg/ztPJsshNtV

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Our guild Tyrs Paladium would like to have you! We are an enforced no drama 30+ adult guild. Casual is king with us, teamwork and enjoyment are a focus point. Long established guild, 14 years strong! NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. We are a mid sized guild, but keep everyone close. Everyone knows everyone in Tyrs! If you're interested in joining, see below! Do some research on us here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/125043/tyrs-paladium-is-hiring-the-30-70-year-olds-guild-na-tyrs Fill out an application here: https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/?site_game_id=136318(edited)
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