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confusion nerf


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wasnt the point of the may 11 changes , to make mirage more playable in pve , why was all of that taken away rn  with the confusion nerf  , i mean a condi rev outclass everything an alac mirage can do . higher dmg easier time providing alac bigger aoe dmg and an easier opening when dealing dmg 

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Yup. The confusion nerf was huge.


I was getting 30k confusion ticks in 100cm despite morons constantly declining every DPS class that wasn't a firebrand or scourge in PuGs. I could compete.


Then this patch came and mirage damage was flat out gutted. Lucky to get ticks over 12-15k in 100cm now, the passive tick damage is pitiful and doesn't even come close to compensating.


Cry of Frustration feels like a DPS loss in most cases or at best DPS neutral with the potential for a DPS loss if not pulled off well with precast phantasm and chained axe 2's.


What's the point of mirage anyways, when you can bring a scourge that can do damage from range, strip boons, give 2.5k barriers every so often, bring CC in F4 without gutting their DPS unlike diversion and using up your passive stat signets for CC as mirage?


What's the point of mirage over a Firebrand who does similar damage, but with the luxury of burst with little ramp up, with access to group quickness and fury or stability, on top of tomes that give them easy access to reflects and stability and condi clear for the group without needing to swap out to utilities that cost them DPS? And while giving free aegis to the group with their low cd heal mantra?


Chaos Vortex should trigger the alacrity from your clones as well. It's absurd that to barely maintain 100% alacrity uptime you need to spam dodges and weaponswap and even then you're cutting it close with zero dodges available for mechanics. Because of the hideously low 2.5 sec base alacrity from chaos vortex, any spread or intermission mechanics also make you drop alacrity really easily.

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