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[Berserk] -- Entering it as a Berserker was supposedly updated to be considered a "Burst" skill. But does not trigger either [Adrenal Health] or [Cleansing Ire] | Screenshots Below

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And if this interaction doesn't work because you're "not technically spending" adrenaline when you enter berserk. "It's just going away and being replaced with 10 adrenaline instead of 30" that's kind of an odd interaction, but I would really appreciate clarification on whether or not this is an intended interaction for the class. Thanks!

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You have to stand near an enemy when activating berserk mode because it counts as an attack. It triggers all burst traits.


Fun fact though: It triggers sundering burst (arms traitline) but its not affected by the ICD. Meaning if your entering damage crits and you use a primal burst and crit with it right after, you get 20 stacks of vulnerability. My favorite (and sadly only method) to deal vulnerability to enemies especially as condi warrior. Probably intended though.

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