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Pirate thief


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Just for fun I was thinking of making a pirate. I was thinking thief could be the best class to make one. I'd use runes of the privateer: "Shout "Yarr!" while in combat, summoning a parrot and granting might to allies." As for weapons, I'd go for a sword and a pistol, that seems pirate-like. For the other weapons I don't know, maybe dual pistols?

The build doesn't have to be the best, just something fun to play with. I was thinking of going daredevil for survivability. Any tips would be appreciated 🙂

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For the look you kind of have to go sword/pistol but unfortunately Pistol Whip feels too stop and go. If you don't mind that, it's a nice utility kit. You might want Bound if you're going DrD anyway for a quick stealth when you need it, but Dash is fun so weigh it I guess.

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