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Main Account Blocked. Anet slow response time?

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Hello fellow players,


I am writing this out of frustration and in hopes that ArenaNet staff will see this. My main account which is Jeyy.5028 has been blocked and people on reddit told me that it was probably the use of ExitLag (I live in New Zealand). I cannot even log into the forums nor the support site to send in a ticket which is extremely frustrating although I have sent one anonymously. I had to buy the expansion on this account JUST to make this post because free-to-play accounts can't even post on the forums (even though staff will probably not see this). What makes this even worse is that I have recently spent big money on gems with real life money and I can not even use it on the intended items I wanted to buy due to it being limited time only. 


I am aware that patience is a virtue and that there's an abundance of people facing the same problem from the forum post that I have seen. The support may be littered with tickets because of the announcement of EoD. But from my perspective, wouldn't that be more of a reason that ArenaNet should get on top of this problem if its reoccurring amongst players? Hello? Earth to ANet?


I do not want to hear that I should just play on this account while I wait for my main to be unblocked because I really am desperate enough that I had to buy an expansion just for this post.

I have invested too much time on that account. It's not jacked up with legendary gear or anything. But those are MY characters invested with MY time. It's sort of like a connection to them if you catch my drift.


I hate to say this but if my account is not recovered. Would there be any way to refund the gems or to maybe chargeback everything I have spent over the years? I am aware this would induce the deletion of that account. But I'd rather have all my money back rather than it sitting idly in a virtual world waiting months for it to be used. 


A faulty product of a game? I hate to think so but maybe.

- A very salty person 

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If you charge-back anything, not only will you lose access to that account, but any other accounts you may have, current or future.


Posting here won't speed up any responses; if you so desire, ask for a refund for this account.


The CS Team allows 72 hours for a personalized response at the best of times; due to high volume, response times may be longer.

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Information about the possibilities and limitations of refunds can be found here:



By now, many users of services that suddenly change your external IP address have been the victim of bans. There seems to be some automated script running that hands out a ban for accounts who have a significant IP change. Most likely as security precaution to defend against account theft.

Most get unbanned again when they contact support but I think it is a bad design to give this much power to automation because of the risk of innocent players getting bitten by this.

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