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9 hours ago, holodoc.5748 said:

The thread was originally about the botting issue in sPvP.


It's just mind-boggling to me how neglected the mode is and the fact that seeing parties with two or even three bots became a common occurrence.


The botting issue is just an extension of the balancing issues only making a select few classes viable / making the classes that are viable boring to play and fight, and the queue issues that allow people to wintrade / actively impede the reward progression of other people on their teams. The mode is not fun enough to play for its own sake, so now people are delegating bots instead of wasting their time taking a 50/50 gamble on whether their next 15 minute match will be worth it.


I'd imagine fixing botting is a nightmare. How do you differentiate bots from bad players? There's probably a laundry list of checks that need to be done to validate reports on bots (that just play in pvp without talking or otherwise giving away that they're automated) if you ban a player for playing  mechanically/not having a good grasp of the mechanics, that opens up a whole new can of worms. 


the issues are cropping up. just addressing botting at this point will probably collapse the pvp matches even further, since the matchmaker will be more inclined to scrape together people of high rating with people who may be on their first pvp venture. And if that were to happen, it doesn't really -change- anything. 


-Just- fixing a couple of things won't cut it at this point. Attention needs to be given to botting, class viability, how duo q is being used to game the ranked sphere, repercussions for wintrading, etc. etc, but I think botting is at the bottom of the list. That problem is creeping in because the playerbase is low enough to make them apparent/incentivize using them because MMR matters so little that it is just as profitable to have a shell account play instead of helping your team yourself. 



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