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[Bug][Raid] Did not receive Legendary Insight upon the completion of W1 - Spirit Woods

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Raid: Wing 1 Spirit woods

At the end of Part 2 - Spirit Race, the event was completed and people went down as soon as the last wall is broken, but was able to recover & proceeded into Part 3 - Cemetery. Upon completion, I've received other loots like unid gear boxes but DID NOT receive the LI upon completion of Spirit Woods Part 3 - Cemetery from the big reward chest (no one dies during part 3).


I wasn't the only person who didn't receive it, only few out of the 10 during that run got the LI but others didn't, and this isn't the first time that I don't receive LI from this part.


It seems that it has been a known bug for a long time and the chances for it to bug out and not receive LI is random (sometimes I do receive it, but sometimes I don't). I remember that when I first started raiding, I don't always receive LI from completing Spirit Woods, but didn't report it because I didn't not know that it was a bug (as a noob), which is pretty sad thinking that how many LIs I've been missing out because of not knowing. 


I think this issue should be a priority to be looking into given that more people are clearing raids weekly now.


P/s: also submitted a ticket


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