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Returning AU player looking for WvW guild


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  • im a returning player looking for a wvw guild.


  • im currently on SoS but i would be happy to hear what the best server is for AU players (previously SoS to my knowledge) 


  • i play scourge power build and im working on a legendary set.


  • i would like to focus mainly on fights (5 -50 player)


please message me here or ingame (Devo.7961) thanks!

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Hey Devo! 


I'm not sure what time you usually play. My guild currently has a few people from both AU and NZ, though we run events off of the US timezones. We're usually active in the evenings which would be between 8AM-4PM for you. 


If that works, we'd love to have you! We're a dedicated WvW guild and have multiple raids weekly for going into the mists. We play on Darkhaven so you would have to transfer and our squads usually average about 20 players, not including the pugs with us. 

Come on in discord if you want and drop us a line so we can assign you a role and what not :) 



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