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Guide : How to be top 30 like the pros


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That this kind of abuse is even possible is so stupid.... I became really quick attracted to pvp when i new started this game. And i really tried to make progress and get better by understanding the gameplay, the mode and the classes overall. I was always solo que and the best i ever ended up was platin 2...by really try harding and playing multiclass depending on the teamcompositions from roamer to support. At first i seriously thought that those top 10 ppl with pretty much 95-100% win ratio must be monsters like incredible skilled player until i by chance saw in pvp lobby ppl ranting about how easy it is to exploit matchmaking and get those win ratios and the respective ranking by exactly doing wht OG is describing

When I even got the chance to play against those ppl i quickly noticed that they werent even special like few of them even play worse than gold player (no offense to gold players! at least they are try harding the fair way) The only way they win is by simply beeing a bit more coordinated probably by beeing in some kind of voice chat (discord, ts3 or whatever)  to quickly target a single person down. And then you see them running around with god of pvp or another fancy pvp title, while barely beeing able to use the dodge key......

This was such a turn off... simply disgusting and grosss.... I know there are also some truly skillful player among those top 100 ppl but those obvious top 10 win ratios are so pathetic like 64 wins / 5 looses ... this is by any mean actually pretty sus xD I currently had my personal best run with 66 wins and 43 looses as a solo que player in p1 ... but it stopped after a big loosing streak of 15 looses in a row ._. 

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Btw @garkos.2973 you forgot to mention an important detail: Pvp is accessible even as f2p and you can make like tons of f2p accounts and noone cares if u even should get banned on those - you simply create a new one xD. You can even play decent pvp with some f2p core builds #ranger#guardian#thief

But overall good guide..... but ultra sad that this is possible 😞

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