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Losing necro minions after mounting?


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They disabled it for a period of time.  There was some sort of Bug associated.  Will look for the source


below, in the Twitter feed thing there was this posted about 19 hours ago:


We have disabled necromancers' ability to automatically resummon minions after dismounting, due to an issue. Players can still resummon minions manually.




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42 minutes ago, Strider Pj.2193 said:

I don’t even have Twitter…. But there is a free at the bottom of the forum page for one of the  GW2 feeds..

I don't either, which is why I never think to do a search for it.  I saw that Twitter posts sometimes show on the side of the forum, but I didn't know there was a direct link on the bottom... I'll check it out.  Thanks again!

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4 hours ago, Strider Pj.2193 said:
It’s been re-enabled according to their feed.
if you check at the bottom of the forum pages, there is a Twitter entry that states it’s been re-enabled.

Yes, I saw in game today.  Thank you, Anet, thank you!  That is a HUGE fix, and I, at least, really appreciate it!

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