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Something strange with Windswept Haven

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So today while harvesting the nodes in Windswept Haven I noticed some strange sounds all over the place, but especially near the crystal, War Room (tier 1, down on the ground), and the Tavern. I thought that maybe it was a rogue decoration but I moved everything in the area and could never find anything.


I then rode all around the other two guild halls and could never hear anything at all, but the weird sounds in WSH are always there. The most noticeable is the sound of creaking boats coming from everywhere, like I'm on a ship out in the ocean. Its the most noticeable around the crystal in the center area.


Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing this?

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2 hours ago, Parasite.5389 said:

had you used any crafting stations?

i get an audio bug whenever i use a tailoring or leatherworking station that sounds like flapping cloth/leather(part of the sound from the progress bar for those specific stations)

No and its persisted across relogs; seems to be related to the new game update. Probably an actual bug.

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