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4 years later and still bugged, Path of Fire Maws of Torment

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I'm going to preface this by saying that I am frustrated. I like getting achievement points, makes the game interesting, challenging, and gives me some direction.

Now on to the problem. Realm Portal Spiker, part of a larger meta achievement Shadow of a Shadow.

How in the world am I supposed to get 100 portal spikes in when every time I run this, one of the demolitionists who needs to initiate the spike section ALMOST ALWAYS gets stuck. He just doesn't move. He isn't dead, he isn't blocked, he just doesn't want to move forward. Additionally, when done solo or in small groups, you get a maximum of 2 spikes per portal - which would be fine if it wasn't for the above mentioned bug. But even in larger groups of 10ish, YOU STILL ONLY get 2 spikes per portal!? Okay, buddy.


Seriously, if you're going to proudly tag on a grindy achievement like do thing x100 times, AT LEAST MAKE SURE IT WORKS? MAYBE?

I did the Golden Child which was 100 victories at Tarir, and honestly, no complaints there. Event worked as intended, almost bug free, and I couldn't even get mad if it failed because it was player error. THIS HOWEVER. THIS GOD DAMNED MAWS OF TORMENT. For crying out loud, fix this kitten and make sure this never happens again in the history of Guild wars.

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yea, talk about old old bugs, legendary weapon The Juggernaut collection 3 - Rakkan still bugged, for years, you have to wait for the map reset to go into 1st fresh instance to get it done...
Which mean, you not going to get reply from Anet or fixes forever, try to look for so workaround elsewhere.

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I have the same problem.

And worse of it, you can damage the portal without the pre-event (portal spikes) with the skyscale attack to trigger the portal guardian instantly. People who don't need the Realm Portal Spiker anymore or who don't care about it damage the portal with skyscale and as a result I have had it multiple times that I didn't even get 1 portal spike, because this event phase was skipped.

It is so awful! I don't wanna hate on other players ruining events.

Please fix this, Anet!

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