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[resolved] Question about this year's infographic

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I have a question about the hours played in this years infographic.   The one released in 2015 states 1.4 billion plus hours played:



But the one for this year states adventured together for over 190,000,000 hours:



So does the wording for the 2019 version mean time people have spent playing together in parties or squads?  I tend to think that is what it means because the image shows two characters and would explain the much lower number.  Or does is it also mean hours played and a typo?   The phrase "adventured together" is little ambiguous because adventuring together could be in a party/squad or just running around in open world maps with other players.  Thanks.


EDIT:  It seems it was a typo as the 2021 infographic has been updated to say 1.9 billion.

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10 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

1.9 billion is more than 1.4 billion, no? 


This years says 190 million.  Edit: I see they recently update it to 1.9 billion.  Maybe due to my post.  So it seems it was a typo.   🙂


This is what it showed previously:



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