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Which dye for clown wars?

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Just got the ninth birthday gift and having hard time deciding which is most unique looking dye, Blue is my favourite dye color but there is already celestial blue, core ice, electro blue, baby blue, legend etc the list goes on.


The green and pink colors seem to be the most unique as they are much brighter than others in that selection, but they are so bright I don't know if I could seriously use them. Well maybe the green for highlighting smaller channels on a necro/ranger or something.


Thoughts? Which color did you pick? Are you one of these people who do vomit clown colors or try to use lighter, less visually intrusive selections?

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I debated a while.  Alt-hopped, checked all the dyes on various materials and auras and mounts.  I wrote down the dyes in my outfit dyes document and started assigning numbers.  Limesicle quickly won spot 6 for being so virulently, bloomingly, radioactive neon green that I could find nothing to put it on that did not vanish in the glare.  Green's my favorite color but I prefer the deeper soothing ones like forest, kelly, emerald, moss, dark olive, etc.; neon and pastel grate on me.


So the current order, completely subject to change after annual review:


Orange Cream (collected) -- a nice gradient, though really too bright on cloth for a my orange-gold-amber-cream palette most rp'd alt, but closest to her tastes.  A nice compromise between yellow and pink/red.


Lemon Sherbet -- More on the yellow side with pinkish highlights.  Worked well on a number of mount parts.


Bubblegum -- Definitely the most obviously different dye.  Swapping between it and things like Hot Pink or Electro Pink I could easily see how vividly Barbie it is.  Thing is I don't actually use very much pink on any of my character palettes as it's not a fave color of mine.  So it gets middle position for being the most remarkable but almost the least likely to use.


Cherry Vanilla -- Too much pinkness for my aesthetic, but still offering a good gradient to help liven up what it dyes.


Taffy -- A very lovely blue, and definitely brighter and more intense than any other blue available.  But I have a huge array of excellent blues already.  So it can wait a bit.


Limesicle, the Greenening.  See above.

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17 hours ago, Jukhy.2431 said:

Thank you for the great info @Donari.5237


Based on that it's either Orange Cream or Taffy for me.

Feel free to do your own testing.  Go to your dye panel, use the little settings tog to show locked dyes.  Sort by Set, scroll to the bottom, they are the current last six dyes.  You can "apply" them to your outfit, armor, and mount just like you were dyeing them, but can't actually implement the changes if the dye is locked.  Then you can select another dye for comparison and mouse over the little dye box by the armor piece to see how much darker/brighter/flatter/graduated it is.


All the dyes are shown in the order their sets came into game, so it's pretty quick to find a specific set when you are trying to see how it'll look on your gear (caveat:  the dye panel window uses a neutral lighting.  Actual in game appearance may vary).

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On 8/24/2021 at 11:20 PM, Just a flesh wound.3589 said:

All my current armors are dyed the way I like them so I put my dye container in my bank. I’ll wait the few months to see what armors the expansion has and see if one of the dyes looks good on it. 


Same.  I put mine aside for now.  Though, in my case, it will undoubtedly be decided when I see someone cleverer than I am at colors using one in a great way in-game.  I can't imagine using any of them as a main colorway for anything, but I'm sure someone will find a brilliant way to use one as an accent, and if it's with other colors I regularly use and like, it'll probably make the decision for me.

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I'm not genearally a colour vomit fan, with the exception of two of my characters.


My Necro is a big-eyed blonde with pigtails, ribbons in her hair and the frilliest pink dress I can manage for maximum irony. It was my guardian's birthday, though, so I tried out colours on him. On my guardian's armor, I thought Bubblegum looked too radioactively pink for her, so I went with the more subdued Cherry Vanilla.


Unfortunately, Cherry Vanilla looked more like a pink, pale skin tone on her cloth armor. Wish I'd gone for bubblegum instead. It might have made a good trim color on her even though softer pink is the aesthetic I try for over all.


Cherry Vanilla does look great on her mounts, though. Barbie Skyscale suits her.


If you're wondering, my other ironic character is my Warrior. He's a little, snarly Asura named Rawrr and I like to give him the biggest shoulder pads, the deepest reds, shiniest metallic gold, and as many things on fire that I can manage.

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