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[NA] Returning player looking for a PST group for PVP, PVE and Having a laugh


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Long story short - Played the game pretty hard at original launch. Spent tons of time in WvW. Was in PVP and PVE guilds. My main is a 80 Greatsword Norn Warrior. Currently as im writing this just running through the expansions storylines. Want to get these done and keep going in PVP and PVE where needed. Just want a group to shoot the crap with while playing and help with guild goals. 


Preferably a West Coast NA guild or a guild with a large presense in PST at night or you aussies out there. I like large or small groups always able to find people to get along with. A guild discord is always good too.


MrLuigi.5471 in game 


MrLuigi#7509 in Discord

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