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wvw bugged ?

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Greetings, i randomly logged in this morning and i've checked the wvw tab, it was all white / neutral with 0 score / points, i though maybe my internet went out or something but it was not, i had a stable ping and was whispering with inviduals while seeing others run around.

i then entered wvw because i wanted to see what is going on, it was still all white / neutral, after a bit time and the timer passed / pips given, i recieved literally 0 pips and suddenly after a bit everything returned to normal.

This seems like a bug / issue with the server ? im not sure what exactly caused it, but would love to see it not happening.

i've recorded a video of the occurance to help / benefit the issue so that u can see visually what i saw / is describing.




Best Regards,

Xaint .

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