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9th Anniversary Vouchers - Help me pick!

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I bought the 9th Anniversary Bundle and just got the 2nd part of it today (as I'm sure everyone else is aware) which includes a Backpack and Glider Voucher and a Weapon Skin Voucher. I'm relatively new to the game and want to ensure that I'm not going to make a "mistake" in the long-run and want to figure out which of the skins are the rarest that I should be leaning towards unlocking.


I say this because I understand that some people might say "the best one is the one you like the most." I understand that and appreciate the sentiment (I am leaning towards the Mandala one) but there are a few outfits in the BLS that I've wanted for awhile and haven't seen for months at this point and don't want to put myself in the same situation.


So, all that being said, are there particular ones that I should be leaning towards unlocking that might not have been available for awhile? Appreciate the opinions and advice!

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Well they're all ones that are sold directly in the gem store, none of them are from in-game sources or from black lion chests so rarity in this sense just means how often and how recently they were available. You can find that out by checking the Wiki page for each item. There's a full list on the voucher's pages, to make it easier to check.


But it's hard to predict what might happen in the future. A few years ago I got the cook's outfit from a voucher for exactly this reason, I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen it in the gem store so it seemed like a good bet. Not long after that it came back to the gem store and I've seen it regularly since then. I can't remember when this was so I'm not sure how much of that is confirmation bias (having decided it was rare I noticed more when it was available) but it did mean I didn't need to worry about using the voucher to get it. I don't regret doing that because I use the outfit a lot (it's one of the few which changes based on race, so it makes nice 'civilian' clothing) but it would be a shame to have gotten something I didn't like as much just because I thought it was rare.


Also for the weapons especially don't forget to factor in what you use. There's some focus skins I really like, but I'd never get them because I hardly ever use a focus so it would be waste.

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This is a very valid question.  Most are frequently available in the gem store or with black lion statuettes.  If you find one in particular you are interested in, wiki it and you can see the last time it was available for purchase.  They have included some of the newer ones as well, which is nice, like the cute demon wings and mandala   If you're a collector I could see the problem of wanting to choose the least commonly sold one.  

You have answered your own question though.  The one you like the best is, yes, the right one.  I personally ask myself which one would I actually use, even if it's just for a holiday for example, or for a particular character.  So there is no wrong one to pick, no super rare one.

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