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Profession questions from a new player.


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It is hard to answer to "what profession should I play", but here goes anyway.

Background info about me: 14 years spent in WoW, but every year or two I look into new MMORPG's that I haven't tried.


In Warcraft, I play warrior, I like them so much that currently I play with four of them, mainly because of their mobility. Charging from enemy to enemy, leaping freely where I want, and quickly intervening to a team member if everything else fails.

I'm not one to kill mob at the time, but to pull handful of them and slowly aoe them down, even if it would be slower option in the end of the day. I like to feel safe, I'm not a glass cannon type.


After spending a few days watching videos and reading about abilities, I ended up with guardian. It had heavy armor, could handle big pulls and even had the option to go ranged with dragon hunter if I ever wanted to try a different style.


Good times were had until I got to lvl20 and thought maybe it's time to look what I have in the pvp lobby.

While studying about professions, I had missed one critical thing. Half of the guardian utility skills are ground targetable, and few of them have cast time. This isn't really my taste, and I often found myself not utilizing the utility skills, but just used the weapon skills. Maybe It's because content doesn't require me to use them, or maybe it's the different language I and my guardian speak.


How heavily does the guardian depend on them later on or with specializations? Would warrior fit better to the style I described earlier? Other fitting recommendations are also welcomed :).


TLDR: Guardian ground ring bad, what good? Warrior smash?

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Revenant with demon as one of your legend.


Leap into a group of enemies to pull them, turn on your elite skill, watch as everything melt down by your sheer edginess.

And depending on the traits you pick up/rune choice, you can also be near immortal while doing all this.

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Revenant is a good choice. Id advocate necromancer purely for having a Reaper with a greatsword. You get pulls, big aoe swings, heavy damage and a shroud for even more spike damage, a huge aoe spin and extra health. Its like a proper hack n slash character and I love it

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First of all, ground-targetted skills can be cast immediately at your location, just ignore the targetting completely and play them as melee. One way to do this is just to click the button, another is to enable fast casting in options.


Almost all area attacks in this game are ground-targetted, so get used to this.


Additionally, I think Necromancer (with Reaper specialisation and Greatsword) may be more your style. Reaper has access to the most pulls in the game, they can set all their utilities up as Minions to avoid having to worry about using those skills, and if you do want to use utilities many of them are instant-cast, like Spectral skills, or Shouts just like Warrior and Guardian, as well as the ability to destroy large numbers of enemies at once with their Wells.




Also keep in mind that PvP balance is completely different from the other game modes. The PvP lobby isn't a super good indication of what exactly skills do anymore, unless you want to PvP of course.

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FYI, there's a control in the options that allows you to select how ground-targeted skills work:

1. select-and-click (default)

2. one-push (hold the button to bring up the targeting circle, casts immediately when you release it unless you cancel with Esc)

3. instant activation (no targeting circle at all; starts casting targeted on mouse cursor as soon you press the button)


If you're a speedy player you're usually far better off using #2 or #3 instead of #1.


I recommend the leash-to-max-range setting as well.

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Scrapper can lure a lot of enemies with the elite mortar and then u kill all monster around u with hammer or bombs. I always do that x) its hard to go down in huge fights, because u get barrier everytime u hit things. Also u have a lot of superspeed skills that make u move very fast, and u can buff urself an others with quickness. 

Engi can just be extremly boring to play compared to scraper, because engis weapons r reaally bad. But once u r lvl 80, its much more fun than any other profession.

Here is a video i made for a friend. I hope it will help you.



I made several of these videos for many classes with the same location and same playstyle(kill 100 monster at once). If u want watch them all, u can write me a Message and i send u all links (the videos cant be found without my link)

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