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Game getting uninstalled on it's own

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So this keeps happening every now and then, i open my computer and while the previous day i was playing gw2 just fine, it suddenly isn't there. I click on the desktop shortcut icon and it gives me that message that it can't find the file because it has been deleted or something. While i haven't done anything at all. Any idea what is causing this and how i can prevent it? Considering my internet runs at around 10mbps download speed, it is a huge pain to have to wait so many hours just for playable and then download maps ingame for the rest of the week.

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What drive do you install it on? Could you be installing it to a portable drive or maybe its an encrypted drive thus the shortcut cannot access it unless it is unlocked/plugged in? The only other things I can think of is the drive itself is going and erasing partitions due to it thinking they are corrupted or maybe an antivirus you have installed is incorrectly flagging GW2 as a virus and deleting it.


Guess some things to try would be to make sure GW2 is whitelisted on any anti virus/firewalls, do a disk check to make sure your hdd/ssd is not going or having issues, and maybe try installing GW2 on another drive. Best of luck, definitely sounds like an annoying issue to have.

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Like the others said it's most likely a Antivirus Issue i'm having the same issue with AVG. The funny thing however is i did whitelist it but AVG also flags the installer as having a virus sometimes. So i'm starting to wonder if something else is wrong on my pc. I did a complete system check with multiple tools including CMD. So i wonder if the problem will return

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