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Seasonal Decorations are Semi Active (Client Side)

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This is happening in the Guild Hall, Windswept Haven too. Bits and pieces of building appearing in the air. They belong to the further restoration of building structures when the guild reaches higher levels. I noticed that it has been like that after the elite beta testing patch. Please fix this.

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Anyone know if there is a new decoration of stacks of paper? just found this sitting in our guild hall but its unclickable.

Now that i think of it i wonder if it's a bleed over from before our hall was upgraded. I bet it's in the same area as that tent thing. but this is super weird!

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I don't know how my post got moved here as a comment but this isn't seasonal stuff. It's seems to be bleed overs from further exploration before we upgraded our hall. A new ribbon like item is now floating in the hall. I think it's one tiny section of a bigger tent that is in this area. super weird.


You can see that i pass right thru it and can't not land on it.


This one shows the "stack of papers" that appeared yesterday and now this "red ribbon" thing showed up today.


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Go check the south east area on the map where you will get a raptor, bunny ranch and skimmer pen when your guild hit level 40 and do that further exploration upgrade. You will see many parts of the ranch floating around, with ladder too lol. You can't interact with them, they are just there for your eyes only.

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