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Do Bay Sharks Count Towards Guard Daily?


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That reminds me of whether or not those minions or gargoyles in desert BL count.

Then again "veteran creature" daily only refers to a specfic group of creatures while discriminating against that poor Veteran Jellyfish for no reason.

But yea, will anyone care enough to find out? Will they break into bay just for science?  (and you'd have to avoid killing the other guards too)

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well the fleshreaver in fire keep and tengu in air keep of RBL do count, ik that. but they are tougher to kill, and are the 1:1 replacement of guards. so makes sense.


as archon said, the veteran creatures not counting is super odd, really. i also killed those yet out of curiousity.


in bay, it is really rarely time to kill sharks for fun - and then run out without touching anyhting, and having the keep still get flipped... so yeah, idk

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