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Question about the assembly device


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Which cheap pay-to-win janky mobile gaming company was subcontracted to design them?


I only recently started helping my guild with this and I had been completely unaware of the way it works. I can't understand how this isn't something people complain about. I've heard people complain about ppt, about world transfers and all sort of mechanics in wvw but I've never seen any discussion about the assembly crap.


Each siege assembly takes 30 seconds and you can only queue 11 at a time. If I want to make a 250 stack I'll have to spend the next two hours checking on the damned thing every 5 minutes so that it gets done. Why is this limited in such a way? Was the intention to make it so that you could pay gems to add more queue slots? Pay gems to boost the production for a short time? It's ridiculous. I've seen that there used to be this resonance mechanic which works exactly how pay-to-win mobile gaming does. If it was being monetized in some way I would understand it, but it's not. It only creates harm. It's like a spandrel or a vestigial tail. 


I can't understand how this whole thing was designed, approved and implemented. Is this respecting out time as players? How does this fits into the "philosophies" of Anet? I would prefer to have this system changed than getting alliances.

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Welcome to the pain..,


In my guild where I am one of three scribes, when I’ve made a lot of guild catas, I ask everyone to pop into the guild hall and queue up 10 when they start their game play, and end their night with 10 more.


I mean, the assembler needs to be changed, but it’s been asked about for more than 5 years and nothing yet.  🤷

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It's been complained about by many, including myself, we have never had a single answer about it. Hell, even the tactics blueprint things you get from chests that you can't just click all of them or do "consume all" no no no, we are going to add a cool down so you can't spam click them....WHY?! There is absolutely no reason for this.

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