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Wanting new main, Rev or Ranger?


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Just wanting to roll a new character, looking between Revenant or Ranger. I think not knowing the new upcoming Elite Specs is making it harder, but my general question is, I think I would like both classes, it just seems that Ranger, having Druid, gets an edge if I can and enjoy playing a support/healer Druid as oppose to Alac with the Rev. Just looking for some feedback from people who have played either or both classes for any significant time. I would appreciate it

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Both are amazing classes, I'm a power Renegade main now...cause Elementalist is a lost  cause no matter what the next spec gives them. -.- Ranger's only flaw is the pets being not very good AI, but soulbeast kinda conteracts that flaw somewhat. Another reason Ranger is going to be super fun buildwise in the expansion is the fact that you'll get new skills and mechanics for core, Druid, and Soulbeast based on whatever pets they have in End of Dragons just like the previous expansions gave a range of new pets like evade smokescale skill from heart of thorns or my favorite condition pet Iboga in Path of Fire. I love Rev more because Battle Scars is Overpowered solo fun and it has my 2 favorite skills in the entire game Surge of the Mists (Strongest cc skill in the game) and Protective Solace (Gorgeous long lasting Projectile Blocking Field). 

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Main Ranger. My opinions / comparisons for them:


Ranger is find easier to play (I play it the most so take that with some salt). Revenant has the energy system which is different than most other class’s play styles.


For competetive PvE (fractals, Raids, etc):

Ranger has a very strong power DPS build, okay Condi build (one of the easier ones), Druid as a meta healer in raids but no longer taken in fractals. Fractals are still okay with power, but Condi seems to be the best meta and Condi SB is a bit weaker compared to other options.

Revenant has a very strong Condi build, power build seems so-so? Pretty niche and not commonly seen, but I’ve seen some people do well with it. Obviously has alacrity (competing with Mirage) and is typically taken in a dps focused build rather than a heal Rev (pretty uncommon to see one now).


Dont PvP so I can’t give much insight there, but Ranger is widely regarded as one of the weaker classes in PvP I think.


In WvW, both work well with roaming. Ranger does not have a meta Zerg build, while Revenant has Hammer Herald which is a staple dps build for zergs.


I do agree that not knowing the elite specs can put a damper on this. There was a teaser image recently of what many agree to be the Revenant with a great sword, so we will see once it’s revealed.

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