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The situation with bots its getting ridiculous

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Today I was in the aerodrome making a lfg group for full clearing raid W1, and I kicked a player from my squad for joining and not saying anything for 10 min when the squad description clearly said "state your role", and lfg said something like that too. After that he proceeded to spam join my squad whenever I listed it on lfg, ever after blocking him. Ofc the whole squad reported him for lf system abuse but that didn't seem to do much.

But wait, it gets even funnier.  After a while the other squad members got, understandably, tired of this and left too (remember this was a lfg group), and in some of their places there appeared 3-4 bots that would join whenever possible. They were all offline in timberline falls, all caps names, 2 of them had identical account names and I didn't even have to list it on lfg this time, as they would automatically rejoin my squad whenever I kicked them 1 second later, even if my squad wasn't on lfg. To make this even better, whenever I tried to switch the option of   "allow uninvited players to join" with one of these bots in my squad I would get the typical gw2 firewall error message.


After a while I left, changed the map and decided to make a new squad and try again with different "allow uninvited players to join" settings. As soon as I created my squad, I barely got to change the invite settings and I saw the the bots trying to joining again. Now this was just mind blowing : I was in another map, alone in a squad that was not on lfg, all bots blocked, and they were still somehow managing to try and join my squad. Now after this I simply declined them and eventually found enough people to clear W1, but the whole thing was very tiring.


Writing this post is even more tiring, but it's just getting ridiculous : I've met with the occasional lfg troll in raids before, that keeps joining back after it's kicked, but bots doing it is a whole other level. 

First PvP, and now this. Can something be done about the bots in the game, or at least making the report system more useful ? I can bet that even after reports for both botting and lfg system abuse from a full squad, those accounts are still unbanned.

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