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The big question


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Every one with any sense will respond to most of the suggestions eg. on the forums etc. with “I think ___ but it’s not happening any time soon” or something like “well they could balance out ___ but it won’t happen anytime soon”.


so the big question is this due to infrequent patches or is it more a mentality of doing no alterations on a whim sort of like the style many nations take with economics where they just let it keep flowing.


or maybe it’s a combination of the 2 and then maybe we can assess how to get perfect balance from keeping in mind what the real issue here is.

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I've not played pvp for long, but I've played wvw for a while. From my POV they are putting all effort in pve. And that they are "confident" in releasing something as unfinished as dragonstorm (or the icebrood saga honestly) doesn't inspire confidence even in their pve efforts.

For me, the game has enough content to play even if new content doesn't show up every few months. I'd much rather see polish on existing content, where its needed, than see the existing content get neglected and rot. I've already quit PoE and Warframe for that reason, very solid core gameplay that gets neglected in favor of adding more and more, then abandoning that as well. Would hate to have to do the same for GW2.

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