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Can ranger get a rifle in EoD?


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2 hours ago, Andrew.2604 said:


Your wish was granted. Elementalist got hammer (Catalyst). I'm glad Ranger didn't get Hammer either, I don't care about the popular opinion, but I'm totally with you Ranger needs a Rifle, and it looks like they might just get it. (or shield lol)


Ranger is still gunna get hammer. The leaks are currently 3/3 for expected weapons. Specs can also share weapons they get within the same expansion so it’s not like another class getting hammer is impossible.

Elites that share weapons within the same expansion:


Druid and Daredevil

Chrono and Herald


Spellbreaker and Soulbeast

Firebrand and Mirage

Holosmith and Weaver


Harbinger and Bladesworn


Based on how frequently it happens, we are *more* likely at this point to get the same weapon as another spec.

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On 9/3/2021 at 8:16 PM, Zuldari.3940 said:

But you can see rangers wielding hammers? Does that fit the archetype of a ranger?

If you look at other e-specs you ill see tht thy expand on the archtype a bit.


Gw2 druids commune with nature spirits more vividly to heal allies. They become a more caster type ranger.


Soulbeast bind with their pets so strongly so that they become more like their pets, more vicious, more beastial with sharpenend senses.


A new spec could for example be focussing on protecting nature in more stern ways and become more like a green knight like spec or a shamanic warrior. Hammer could fit there quite well tbh.


A very iconic druid/nature type weapon is a club (or shillelagh if you are into DnD/celtic history) whicn is not that far off a hammer mechanically.


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