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Moshpoipoi skimmer rant

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Help the Moshpoipoi village guards defend against icebrood. That was the ongoing event at the Moshpoipoi village when I got there for my underwater skimmer achievment. Since most NPCs were dead and I didn't know who to talk to (since the NPC's name isn't specified in the achievment), I naturally decided to complete the event before going on with my task. After the event, I went on to find the NPC, and he asks me... To help the Moshpoipoi village guards defend against icebrood.

Now thankfully, the event didn't take too long to reappear as I was writing this post. But if you don't know this (well even if you do), it's is a very frustrating oversight from the devs who designed the achievment, to have to wait for an undetermined amount of time to redo what you've already done literally a minute ago. Couldn't we get some kind of validation if we've already done the event today? IDK, this seems small but I'd wager this isn't the only occurence of that issue.

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There are multiple events there and back on release many got stuck because there were 90 of us and 55 didn't even get to tag mobs to get credit for the event so it could be worse. Maybe you did the same event twice or 2 similar different ones but they aren't going to retroactively give credit.

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