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BOTS in pvp - AN won't do anything


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ArenaNet recently released a new expansion, however there is no solution whatsoever for bots in PVP, which causes frustration
Is it worth investing any money in a game where bots are dominating a portion of the game that would give me fun and that is bringing me too much frustration
Would it be too much to ask for a bot report button, as there are in many other games? or some other way to block it?
Will we see the game end the bots, as it is in several other games I played (Hi Lineage 2)

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On 8/30/2021 at 1:56 PM, eyelogix.1654 said:

No new expansion has been released yet, but EoD is on the list to be released next year.
We have a report button use it. It might take a while before they swing the mighty banhammer then people comes QQ on the forums.

OK, Nice, but! What is the net arena doing against bots?

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After a long time, I thought ... I will play some PvP (ranked) again and do my placement games. However, it didn't take long and I got into a game where there was a BOT (Mesmer who fed the opponents) in our team (and thought to myself ... f*ck it, that's it - I'm done already). I mentioned this in the team chat that our Mesmer was a bot, whereupon another teammate said that this one (he probably already knew this one) had been "playing" for a long time and nothing happened. After I checked the leaderboard, I saw that this bot had already played over 1500 games.

It's just ridiculous and shameful! Those responsible who allow this to happen and do nothing (or just not enough) should be given a decent slap ** *** **** so that they come to their senses again. I mean, what is this sh*t?



Security is an ongoing process, especially as systems change over time, and we will be introducing further improvements to make it easier to report, identify and action cheaters over the next few months. 

Original post, see: An Update on Game Security and Player Reporting in Guild Wars 2

This post says to report incidents of this kind on their website, and I have done so (and not just once), but I am not interested (anymore) in wasting my time mainly on the effort of reporting players or bots via such a form. 

I want to play the game, and not spend time predominantly or increasingly on trivialities just because you ANet are incapable of doing your job (in that respect)! You can "excuse" (busy with expansion etc.) it once or try it several times, ... but there has to be an end to this nonsense at some point. It doesn't matter which mode it is!


ANet mentioned that they would inform the community about improvements, but it's been a while since that happened (they said "the next few months") and not much has happened, at least not noticeably.

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