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Resources for Improving?

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Hi, I'm currently at the bottom of platinum and am looking for resources such as guides, videos, or forums for improving.


I've read and watched the stuff at godsofpvp.net and read the builds and gameplay overviews on Metabattle.com.  I've also watched some of the streamers linked from metabattle, but not all builds provide links to streamers.  In particular, support builds rarely seem to have streamers listed.  Additionally, not all the streamers provide explanatory commentary (though sometimes they provide humorous commentary.) 


I currently play thief and core support guardian, but am looking to expand to additional roles such as sidenoder as well.


Does anyone know of good resources? Guides, websites, forums, or videos?  I used to play a lot of DOTA2 where it was easy to load up a profession tournament replay with shoutcasters providing commentary but there seems to be no easy to find equivalent for GW2.

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Vallun’s guides are good for thinking about how to rotate.  But in general, his PvP builds are 90% theory craft that will only work in gold matches and rarely in platinum tier.  Basically, his builds are not viable unless it’s thief or guardian.  Take the information from him as good enough for the average player, but not good enough for the average player to compete at a platinum level.

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On 8/29/2021 at 3:28 PM, RedAvenged.5217 said:

The only source is first hand from streamers. As far as I know the only one with multiple proper written up guides is vallun.


obviously it’s impossible to get everything and I even disagree with a few things on his guides, but they obviously contain thought on most of everything in pvp

Cello has some good tips videos for all around improvement, and he is a really good PvPer. Most of his PvP vids are just him fighting, with some music playing. It's been nice seeing his interactions with both sides, though. Helps to watch someone play really well, to see what you should be doing.

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