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I want to do a build with a warhorn but i am not sure which class to run

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Pretty straight forward. I want to make a toon so when EoD comes out with all its new content, I can have a decent damage/support build. I like the idea of pistol/warhorn or Scepter/Warhorn Necro but I want to see what other viable options are out there. Heard good things about scepter/warhorn and dagger/warhorn Tempest though. 


Anyways, before i start rambling on, which class should I use a warhorn for if i want to do damage/support? 

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I mostly use it on Necromancer because it's just a really good offhand for Dagger which is a weapon I like and use a lot despite the complaints others have about it.
Great CC on the 4 for breakbar damage and the 5 skill is good enough if you plan on going into melee range with Dagger or Greatsword which I tend to do a lot on Necro.

I've used Rangers Warhorn as well, it's pretty good imo, skill 4 deals nice enough damage with a big 16 hit combo and applies a nice amount of Vun as well.
Skill 5 got a nice buff back in May so that in addition to applying Fury, Swiftness and Might to you and nearby allies and acting as a Blast Finisher, it also applies Weakness to several enemies in melee range and hits them with a great CC equal to Necro's Warhorn 4 skill which makes this a great weapon to pair up with Sword which has a lot of engage and retreat capability.
That said the weapon is still a bit overshadowed by offhand Axe which also has a CC skill that does only 50 less damage to defiance bars but has vastly superior range to Warhorn 5 and on a shorter cooldown.
And then there is the big Axe 5 which puts out more than double the damage of Warhorn 4 while also applying Vun, giving you resolution and also acts as a Whirl Finisher.

The only class i've never bothered using Warhorn on is Warrior.
Far as I know the weapon is entirely based around team support on Warrior and I can't say if it's actually good or bad at that job, but from personal experience i've rarely ever seen Warriors in my groups running the weapon.
As far as Tempest goes i've only dabbled with this spec so I don't have much to say about the Warhorn there.

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I use warhorn on Tempest due to the ability to play around with combo finishers and combo fields.  

I use it on a condition damage and boon sharing build (for context).

It's great and pair well with the close range of dagger.  It provides lots of options to play around with.  

I haven't seen warrior war horn in ages.  If your concern is damage and support, warhorn for warrior is purely support.

Necromancer war horn pairs well with dagger as mentioned by other players.  It's good for a power build and is effective for break bars.

Ranger warhorn provides some range damage and offensive support.  Might be up your alley.


Mesmer and Thief warhorn is just so awful that the game won't even allow you to use it.


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Tempest has the strongest Warhorn spec, as you get eight skills instead of just two. But Dagger mainhand is melee and Scepter is lackluster, and you can't combine it with Sword. If you're good at melee gameplay, especially on a squishy class, Tempest D/WH is excellent.

Ranger Warhorn has okay damage on its #4, but its mostly for Vulnerability. The #5 is serious support when traited (lots of boons including Regeneration, blast finisher for extra heal/cleanse, etc.), so its good for Druid, especially then you can easily generate Astral Force to use Celestial Avatar.
Necro Warhorn is in a weird place, often being the only decent offhand to take. Its permaswift if you have a good enough boon duration, so you can avoid skills like Spectral Walk if you need more utility slots, but its CC skill is notoriously hard to land as it only works in a cone area similar to Firebrand mantras.

Warrior Warhorn is purely supportive. It has good boons, gives out a barrier, and has the usual group permaswift. The damage boost is still useful in PvE comps as 25% party damage is absolutely massive. However its mostly seen on HealShout and Nike Warriors in WvW.


In almost all case you'll get the best viability of Warhorn on boon duration builds (e.g Diviner's, Plaguedoctor's, even Celestial after the buffs etc.) especially if you can take other buffs in your utilities as well. Warhorn on Ranger, Warrior and Tempest also benefit from Healing Power.


Warrior has the strongest overall support with WH, especially on HealShout builds using Trooper runes.

Tempest has the strongest overall versatility: AoE damage, CC, boonshare, healing, and reflects. It shines the most when using Auramancer builds as D/WH provides two auras directly and you get more from Overloads and Shouts. Trooper runes also commonly used here (but cleansing conditions doesn't heal allies like on Warrior).

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Power tempest scepter/warhorn is a viable raid build. Shines on big hit boxes, strong aoe.

It's also a very fun weapon and class in general and you can really utilize warhorn as dps or support weapon, depending on atunement.  If you are aiming for open world, a marauder tempest with scepter/warhorn is equipped for everything even the toughest mobs. And it's much easier to play than Weaver.

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