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Can a discontinued item be upgraded?

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Wings of the Sunless - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

Wings of the Sunless is a skin, which means the backpack is another item entirely with Wings of the Sunless skin transmuted. What is the original backpack item? You should be able to see in the item: Transmuted .....

If it says upgradeable, Mystic Forge should still be able to upgrade the original item, but you will need to transmute the skin back afterwards.


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It is 2 different things actually. In this case, Wings of Sunless was never an equipment. It was a consumable that apply the skin to another equipment. The skin link is for the wardrobe, not the consumable.

The usual equipment have the item link, which is an equipment with stats, plus the skin link for the wardrobe.

FYI, be sure to right click=>unlock skin your Wings of Sunless before Mystic Forging it, just in case. 🙂

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