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Unlimited Gathering Tools Set Suggestion


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I got the 3 Sykscale Hatchling Tools but the Sykscale Hatchling Logging Tool is bugged and it drives me crazy. Randomly stops after 2 ticks and I have to click again for the last tick.

Is there another set(!) of unlimited gathering tools that works 100% without bugs?

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4 hours ago, Kine.7630 said:

Sadly the tools are not in the shop right now and I'm stuck with my buggy tool (which I cant refund or anything).

Any other working tool sets?

Here's a list of what's currently available, according to the Wiki:


(Scroll down to 'Gathering Tools'.)   Thirteen tools plus 1 set of 3 tools are currently available. 

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The Trading Post/Gem Store is universal; there's no NA/EU.

(Other than Belgium and their lack of anything RNG-related.)


Now, the Wiki may be out-of-date; I don't know, as I didn't check it against the Gem Store.  I just saw there were several options (13 + 1 set) for Gathering Tools. 

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41 minutes ago, Ashantara.8731 said:


Are you certain that it isn't in fact more than the usual 3 strikes due to the Glyph you are using, which might be giving a chance of additional strikes?

Yes, its a known bug. There is a thread to it in the bug forum. Happens without any glyph too.

The other 2 skyscale tools work fine.

Do you have the logging tool and it works? I used it with glyph of crucible (the one it got when you buy it from the store). It didnt work properly and someone on the forum mentioned that its the glyph, so I bought glyph of tailoring for it. Same bug, tried it without glyph, same bug.

Just let me know if you use it with another glyph and dont have this issue.

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As a band-aid fix in the meantime, you could use a transmutation charge and reskin it to the basic tool skin.  Gathering speeds and number of strikes are tied to the skin/animation.  You will lose the skyscale animation, but it should function as a "vanilla" unlimited gathering tool. 


Such a bug in a cash shop item is truly inexcusable and I hope they fix it for you.

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Yeee, after some research I found out that iIts not only the Skyscale logging tool, but the flute and choya logging tools too.

And they keep selling them on the shop ..... 1000 gems for a buggy tool. Bought the skyscale tool in march, actually lost my hope that it will be fixed in the near future.


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