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Specialization Collections

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Some specialization collections, like Dark Harvest from Reaper, require mystic weapons, in this case Mystic Claymore, that is ~80 gold, in comparison with other collections that require to trow a mystic coin in a well instead, making the collection less worth... I dont think that's much fair since you will get an ascended weapon and the bought one will became obsolete right away... Is there a way to unlock it and still being able to sell it or something to retrieve the money?


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There is no way to unlock a weapon skin or add it to a collection and then sell it afterwards. As @Linken.6345said that's part of why they're worth so much, if players could unlock the skin and then sell them on everyone would do that and the price would drop dramatically because there would be far more being sold.


It looks like it's all the HoT collections which require mystic weapons and all the PoF ones which don't. I suspect Anet either decided it was unreasonable to require a mystic weapon or maybe noticed that was the point where a lot of people gave up on the collection and removed it for the newer elite specs.

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1 hour ago, Deedrick.4372 said:

Or enough people had the mystic weapon skins unlocked, and it wouldn't add to the collecting experience (or drain gold from economy.) Also at launch of PoF, the alternate weapon skins were in such high demand/low supply the cost was quite comparable to mystic weapons.

Yeah, I remember finally breaking down and buying Derekh's Quick End for 20 or 30 gold.  When it finally dropped for me a few months later, it was selling for 5 or 6 gold.  I just looked, it's down to 2. 

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