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Can I put a legendary weapon back into a character's inventory?

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I am sorry if this question was asked before and comes very late, but I've just started to dabble with the legendary armory and I find myself a bit confused: Where are legendary weapons now, only in the legendary armory? Is there a way to put the original legendary weapon back into a character's inventory or in the bank? Or is the legendary now permanently tied to the legendary armory slot and can't be put into the inventory/bank at all?

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No, they are tied to the Armory and you can only equip/unequip from the Armory. Once you unequip a legendary armor it goes back to the armory and resets - if you equip it back it doesn't save its previous stats/looks/upgrades. Its account shared so there is no need for bank at all.

Your question

I presume - "how you swap weapons" is your real question here. Say you need to swap to a bow for the next fight, but switch back to your previous weapon after the fight? As much as it sucks you can't do that anymore with just your inventory. You can only do that with extra equipment templates. Have 2 templates with identical armor/trinkets but different weapons.

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Thanks for the explanation. "How to swap a weapon" was indeed a part of my question, but it was also actually the realization that the original item as a such doesn't exist any longer. I used to have one character carrying the original and several others using the skins and I always kept track on who carried the original, but now suddenly no one had the original any more and I got somewhat scared for a moment LOL.


Well, the armory certainly has its practical sides, but also quite a few downsides I think. It feels odd somehow that the item you worked so hard for doesn't exist as an item in the conventional sense any longer, just as a part of a template. I wish they'd add an option to remove a legendary from the armory and put it in the bank.


But the "dropping the sigils" thing will most likely have the consequence that I'll stick to templates or to one character using the "original" and the others the reskins.


Anyway, thanks!

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I wish we had the option to keep our legendaries as items.

Arenanet ought to have made the armoury optional.


But sadly, Arenanet denied us this option and we are forced to use the armoury for our legendaries.

At this point it's far more viable to make Ascended weapons and transmog the legendary skin onto them, so you can easily swap weapons without having to configure your weapons every time.

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1 hour ago, Hellissane.3041 said:

Honestly i wouldn't mind as much if we had more template slots. With 5 Meta builds per character and a few options for weapon swapping per build makes you require far more than just 6 equipment template slots. Give me like max 20 equipment template slots and it will be fine for me.

TBH Im pretty sure thats part of the justification for the dev. time to make the Armory. Pesonally, I fully expected it to improve the value of equipment templates and Im ok with that. I didnt see them as having much value for legendary owners before and the templates added similarly inconvenient issues with legendary items. Before the template system if you setup of a legendary item it stayed that way even if you moved it between toons. After they added the equipment templates any item not in another template that you moved into a bag or onto another toon would lose the sigil, rule, infusion, etc and need to be setup again. Now with the armory the entire item resets if you remove it, but it stays as long as you have it in a template, and you no longer have to swap them around. So now at least I can set them up on each toon and If I use another setup frequiently on one I can get another tab and set it up if I want. No perfect system I guess, but I like having the armory overall.

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