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[Suggestion] More tradable commodities for FoFW!


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Festival of the Four Winds is finally here! 😄 Before we start off, let me just say that I'm quite pleased by the new additions and changes to the festival this year. The Pavillion has been made much more community friendly with the adjustments to the boss health scaling (no more Gold runs being disrupted by clueless/trolls all rushing to one boss), and I'll never say no to more skins, minis or tonics to collect!


With that out of the way, I just wanted to ask: Has ANet ever considered adding in a vendor or two that collects more obscure materials from the expansions? I'm talking about materials with VAST supply that otherwise have little to no use, such as Eyes of Kormir, Congealed Putrescence, Airship Oil, possibly Pulsing Brandsparks (which are far cheaper to buy outright than craft), core mats like Resonating Slivers and the more unwanted Lodestones like Putrid Essence and Mordrem Lodestones, and even more recent stuff like Hatched Chillis and Eternal Ice. Lore-wise, I'm SURE there must be NPC traders out there eager for these items, and the player base and economy can't really go wrong with more Zephyrite Supply Boxes being traded (especially since the drop-rates of the really expensive goodies like the infusions are so low that one would need to open tens of thousands of boxes for their supply to have any meaningful increase).

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I am not impressed by the material requirements per supply box having increased by such vast amounts causing the value per box to almost triple and with the drop rates for anything good being so low I honestly feel ripped off I might be salty as I invested a large amount of gold in said materials expecting to purchase around 10000 boxes and only receiving 2640 I expected a large loss but not 90percsnt of the gold I would have made less of a loss had I just ecto gambled I understand this is a material sink but come on this is really a low blow there is no need to have increase the material cost the supply boxes drop really crappy and low amounts of stuff in the first place

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As I've said on another thread (and was shouted down for it by at least one member of the forums in particular), I fully support this.  The argument I was given was that it wasn't "needed" because there were other uses in the game for those currencies.  With the current prices, though, even understanding the point of the festival to sink mats and balance TP prices, I still feel it would be a nice touch that would make the festival feel more, as stated above, like you were actually getting something back for what you were giving.  On the other hand, it doesn't seem like that is important to the devs; I'm not trying to be salty, but I get the feeling it's down to the idea that players will either play to enjoy the festival itself, or go do something else for the profit.  

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