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Idea for Willbender Flames


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Obviously in competitive modes, willbender flames were universally seen as, to put it a nice way, lackluster. A small AOE that does low damage and requires the enemy to stand inside of it, when the spec is clearly a high mobility, low control spec. Things just didn’t sync up, at least imo. Previously, I recommended that Willbender flames no longer cancel each other out. However, this is not the only way (that I see) that will change this. 

My suggestion is to have a physical-based DOT applied to opponents struck by the will bender flames. Similar to Binding Blade’s DOT, a will bender flame style DOT that is not subject to condition cleanse, and only dissipates once the flames are replaced (a different virtue is used), could create for some interesting play styles and scenarios. 

Additionally, this would better synchronize the flames better with Holy Reckoning by giving healing on the DOT ticks, and adding a useful damage component to the flames. It would also help maintain pressure in the gaps of mobility when enemies separate. 

just an idea, I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback and inputs 🙂 

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I think the flames as a whole is a poor solution to answer the core WB mechanic, which is : deal as many attacks as you can in a short span to trigger the virtues effect.


The easiest way to fix WB would be to make sure the spec is able to hit quickly so it can trigger the virtues as often as possible : give it quickness access in the traits.


Unfortunately, quickness being a trademark of the FB, of course Anet discarded this solution and tries to shoehorn this flames mechanics into it instead, to grant you extra hits which will make your virtues proc more often. That's the only reason the flames AOEs are here in the first place.


But as we've seen and as you're already stating, flames aren't a great solution. And quickness is off limits given it's the iconic FB spec tool.


So my solution is simple : rework swords entirely (even other under used weapons such as the hammer) to give them quicker hitting attacks. Get rid of the flames entirely (they're not that good to begin with and the WB strengh is in mobility, not in laying static AOE fields) and rework weapon sets in new martial oriented skills. "Break the rules" for this spec, as Anet has stated.

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3 hours ago, Gwaihir.1745 said:

Flames need to be a pbaoe, 250 radius. Fixed.

I mean, they have different patterns based on the skill used (Courage is a PbAoE technically). I do agree that they need to have larger area of effect to impart more impact (i elaborate this more in my other post, recommending the flames do not cancel each other out so that Willy can have more battlefield control) but I’m not sure standardizing their output is a good direction. I like the unique patterns, as it could add variability to positioning (if they were actually large/dangerous enough to be impactful). 

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