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Returning playing still looking for a class, Ranger perhaps?


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It dawned on me that I enjoyed my Ranger back in the day so with starting a new toon (crazy, yes) I thought I would see how Ranger/Soulbeast is doing in PVE and such.

I have seen this "Hybrid" build on a few of the sites so am wondering how it plays out. The mix of power and condi sounds like a good thing, but is it? If not I suppose its not too hard to bounce from Power SB to Condi if needed, but if you can wrap it all up into one package why not?

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Since the changes to Celestial, I find Celestial Soulbeast is actually very good in PvE (and WvW if you decide to go there). 


My build uses NM and BM and I find running dagger / torch and axe / warhorn works pretty good for condi coverage and boon distribution.  You can substitute WS for NM for more condi clear at the cost of less boon share between your pet and you.  

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