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How can I get a Warclaw when nobody in my world will attack keeps


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UPDATE Thanks everyone for the advice.  Funny enough, I finally got it 5 minutes after I took the advice Thanks.

I am new to WvW.  I am very active and love it but I can't get one final requirement for my Warclaw: Captura a Keep.  Nobody in my world will even attempt to attack keeps and if they do by some miracle they won't let me join the group because I have no Warclaw.  I am really frustrated cause I can't keep up and tag along.  I'm on Fergusons Gulley is there a way to change worlds.  I am extremely lost and unsure what to do about this.  Thanks for any advice


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This is a pretty bad situation that is also quite common.

Your best shot is to run up and kill a guard of the keep they are taking before it flips.  They'll spend some time knocking down the walls and killing the lord so, even without Warclaw, you should be able to make it in time.  That will give you credit for flipping the keep.

Most likely, this will be a side keep on one of the borderlands.  You spawn pretty close to it so it's not far to run.

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Um... do you mean Ferguson's crossing?

They just flipped air keep on dbl 17mins ago...


Doesn't look like a lot of keep flipping in your matchup, but you might want to keep an eye out on keeps near your sides, so your hills flipped 2 hours ago will probably be flipped back sometime today, air keep just flipped so some group is running there, and bay on green bl was flipped 2 hours ago so might be flipped again during prime time. Ebg keeps rarely flip so mainly look at those three.


Also you don't have to kill lord or be in the circle to get credit for the capture, just kill guard and stay on the map is good enough, so you can kill one and wait on the map for whenever your zerg decides to show up. I would check if redbl has one currently though, you can check timers on structures by clicking on it, should give you an idea if places are active or not.


P.S Earth keep on redbl just flipped as well to FC, so you have a group running there.





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You don't have to be in squad to get the speed boost from squad leader that will let you keep up with everyone on foot if they have that. I still fit mobility into my build even with a mount and often keep up with weapon skills and traits anyway.


You don't have to be in squad to tag some stuff dying in a keep so read all of the maps regularly to see if a Garrison or Bay or something is going being looked at by your side. 



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@Xenesis.6389 gave some really good advice. Are you hanging out in EBG the whole time? Because if so that may be why you don't ever see anything get flipped. Beyond what has already been said, it is often good to play on reset because all the structures are paper (T0) and easy to cap. You will also have a lot of people playing on your server so it shouldn't be too bad to find something. Just hop on one of the borderlands and see if there any active tags.

Also it doesn't hurt to ask for help in map/teamchat. There are multiple times I have seen people asking for help for their keep capture achieve for the Warclaw, and people have often responded positively. If there is a T0 enemy keep on non-prime hours it is generally very feasible to cap. Take the initiative to put some superior or guild catas in your inventory so you are ready when the situation arises. A lot of people wait for someone to actually take the first step. 

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