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Replenishing Despair mystery


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It might see more use if Anet ever decides to fix poison not being affected by Resistance since self damage can be mitigated but it requires sustain to be fixed first, one thing for sure is that with the recent changes to Torment it is way more potent than before to use this. Problem being camping anything on Revenant is generally not good because you are most effective pushing every tools available and keep a flow going, so it's use in practice not useful over the other options.

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Yeah, it is to "weak", tbh.

In most cases you are better of just boosting your torment dmg directly.

Then there is the problem that Corruption doesn't really work well with something different then a condi spec, as all traits revolve around condis .

And then there is the crazy 5 stacks torment you suffer for running it....


It is a very interessting trait, that fails in its execution IMO

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Its meta in the Tormenting build where you stack it on yourself then transfer it to enemies. But I don't think it gets any use outside of those builds, the energy it gives is pretty bad.


For comparison, while the Thief signet gives 1 ini/10sec which is ~8.3%. This trait gives 10 pips in that same time (10%), which is barely higher yet has a hugely higher malice, even if it doesn't require you to waste a skillslot.


If we want to do a direct trait comparison, its even worse: Shadow's Rejuvination is 3 ini/9sec (25%), while this trait is only 9% in the same amount of time. Granted the Rev trait activates more often (just needing upkeep instead of stealth) but other than that its just plain awful.

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