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Returning Player - where to start


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I have played GW2 since its Beta and throughout the world until the addition of super class (can't recall the proper name) like Ranger > Druid.

I have several heroes maxed out (max lvl back then) and done most of the normal dungeons several times and was back then well familiar with the game.


so what changed since then and how do I get back to the game the fastest? What do I need to know? Is there a guild which helps returning players?

I 'm not very familiar with the areas and content added after southsun cove.


Server was northern shiverpeaks, iirc.




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Honesty...to get back to the game, all u need to do is play the game and do what u enjoy.


Every Veteran player will envy you for the nice and beautiful journey u will have by exploring the world and it's secrets. 


There is no need to rush. U will feel frustrated and at the end all u do is waiting for a new patch.


Easiest way would be to start a new char ( but keep the old ones)

Or take ur main and start with Living Story 2. (U can watch a video about (Living World 1). If u did all if that just start with HoT

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