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Guild Hall decorations accidentally placed in far off or underwater places


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Can you please either prevent the accidental placement of decorations a million miles away outside the border when you are trying to place something at your feet and then nudge the mouse ever so slighty up and instead of it being at your feet it's now off in the distance miles away outside the border where you can't reach it and you have to entirely wipe your hall to get that one decoration? Another option here would be to have an "undo" button to undo that last step.


Another similarly annoying problem is underwater placement. Originally i though i could make a underwater sea cave home in the deep waters of Gilded Hollow only to realize once you plop into the water all the decoration abilities go away. 😞 If you misclick from high above it's sometimes difficult to see where in the water your decorations went. You have to go for a swim to find the location and then get out and stand on a rock and use your fish finder decoration scanning tool to highlight the object you want to delete, if you can find it again. It would be so much easier if you could just delete/ place objects underwater. It's like a shipwreck grave yard underwater in my hall, I'm constantly finding decorations that have magically been accidentally placed underwater, never to be seen again. 😕

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