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Ranger Stances


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Hello guys,


It must have a simple answer, because I cant find it anywhere, but how do I use stance skills as a ranger?


I see them in the "Build" menu under slot skills, but they dont show up as an utility skill to be selected in my skill bar.


Also, do each pet have only one active skill or can I also change it?


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Stances are part of the Soulbeast elite spec so you have to have that active (it has to go into the bottom specialisation slot) to be able to use stances. It's the same with all the elite spec weapons and skills, it's only available when you're using the specialisation as well.


The way of changing your pet's active skill is to choose a different pet. Many pets are part of a family which have 3 identical skills and then 1 unique one. For example all bears have slash, bite and defy pain but their active skills are different, so you can choose between them based on which skill is most useful to you. Others are more unique (for example there's only 1 bristleback and no other pets use their skills) but they're still not dramatically different to other pets so it comes to the same thing - you pick the skills or attributes which are most useful to you.


One odd case is the porcine (pig and boar) pets - they all have Forage as their active skill, but the items they can find using it are different. For example a pig will always find items which can heal or protect you and a warthog will always find items that inflict conditions.


(There's also 4 duplicate pets - the black moa, white raven, black widow spider and rainbow jellyfish all have identical skills and attributes to another pet in their family, because their Hall of Monument rewards so it's only the appearance which is exclusive and no one is locked out of getting the full set of options.)

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Thanks, but how do I change the elite spec? It happens the same: it shows in the slot skills, but wont let me change in the skill itself. I have full specializations both on druid and soulbeast.


It has to be something simple, but I dont get it. Im wearing longbow and greatsword.



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Click on the lowest of those big hexagons in the bottom 1/2 of the menu, it will say 'Skirmishing' when you hover over it and clicking it will allow you to change it to a different specialisation. (You can change the other two as well, but only the bottom one allows you to choose an elite spec.


Don't forget to choose traits as well (the passive skills in the specialisation line itself) as none will be selected initially when you swap to a new specialisation.

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