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Somewhat new player, stuck on character creation...


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Hello hello!


I joined this amazing game...I don't know how long ago, but I only got to play for about a month or two before some major things happened in my personal life (I literally haven't touched my computer as a whole since last night, for majority of the year). I was not satisfied with the characters I made at that time and deleted them, but have found myself unable to get back into playing because I am stupidly indecisive.


I know I want a guardian (not sure which elite I would go for) and a druid.

I know I want a charr (would be Aster Mistbloom, male, Priory) and an asura (would be Ciel/Cielle [unsure], male, Whispers).

I just can't pick which for which. And, being an overly analytical and story-driven person, I was trying to decide based on lil brainstorms I had, even if I never get to actually RP, the headcanon makes me happy. I know at the end of the day, what I do is up to me and my personal preference since they are my characters, but my creative process is definitely helped when I get to snowball with others and get outside perspectives (especially since the rest of you understand lore and nuance with NPC interactions and such).


I apologize ahead of time if this post becomes way longer than intended, I'm kind of just spewing at this point; it's very hard for me to turn my thoughts into words, so I tend to ramble or overexplain, many times redundantly. Here are my ideas:


Charr druid:

Big cutie, gentle. Broods a lot on what's out there, something bigger than himself. Very devoted to things and people he cares about, which has led to being treated somewhat as a doormat by other charr. Starts off as a ranger to try to fit in with his race's idea of "real fighting" but still is ridiculed for being more long-range (to them, a coward). Once he gets away from the main charr city, freedom allows him to dive deeper into nature magic, healing, and overall focusing on the bigger picture, helping the world as a whole. Was always soft, even as a cub. When thinking of this combo, I immediately pictured this big boy cupping a flower he spotted in a field, so focused he doesn't see his warband making fun of him until they come over with a swift kick to his head, because "how dare he be so weak to care about such thing." Kind, quiet but silly, almost childlike at times until more serious topics come around. The image of a giant fluffy friend to anyone who accepts him.


Charr guardian:

Very similar if not almost the same general personality, but a bit more assertive and sure of himself. All traits described would be a bit "more" as guardians are all about service and protection, helping a cause and all that. Still cares about nature, because he cares about everything, but is more inclined toward the finer things in life - arts, intellectual pursuits etc. I envision him with a smug (in a good way) face, enjoying himself in a library or appreciating the artistry of Divinity's Reach - living his best life, a ball of friendliness and passion who's ready to put down any sign of bs the second it comes up, whether it's something as small as witnessing bullying, or anything to do with the various battles in the world. His rationalization for the guardian class would be that he is still acting as a "real warrior" to his people, but using it as an excuse/cover-up to sneak in magic; tries to fight their ridicule by saying that yeah, he's using magic, but he's still armored and fighting just like they are. Wants to help break the stereotypes about magic users, wants to show and prove that charr can be more than brutes, that not everything has to be about battle and magic can be used positively and protectively.


Asura druid:

Honestly, similar ideals as the charr, but asuran perspective - wanting to break away from his society's habit of arrogance and perfectionism, to kindle a better respect and understanding of the world around them, to teach people to care rather than use, manipulate, or destroy; to think about the future and what's beyond rather than just the immediate projects and tech developments of the present. Starts out as a ranger to begin this journey, to which he receives plenty of crap for needing and caring for a pet, rather than using a golem or doing things himself; further ridicule for practicing something as "primitive" as archery and working with nature. Like the charr, eventually breaks away from his city to dive head-first, showing his people that magic can be for more than just technology or illusions, citing the Eternal Alchemy and wanting to understand it/the universe through a natural, spiritual method rather than one focused on computers and robots.


Asura guardian:

Like the druid, the guardian would want to be a force for change in asuran society, and maybe the world as a whole. Not only in terms of caring for the planet and its citizens, but teaching/reminding people to care for one another above all. Just as his society would deem ranger/druid as primitive, they would deem guardian as barbaric and just plain unnecessary, even a waste, because asura would rather have a bot do the dirty work for them; of course, being a guardian is about healing, not just "dirty" and brutal combat. Like the other character ideas, this guy would want break stereotypes and show that everything has multiple sides, that all perspectives should be seen in life, that life itself is more than just constant development of technology, more than just war and suffering. Again, that magic can be used for much more, especially for healing or other positive pursuits.


If you've read thus far, I thank you for your patience and caring. I know this was long and pretty dumb, maybe even petty and unnecessary, but this is how my brain works lol

I do realize that overall, each idea is pretty similar to one another with just the core aspect being different - personality and motives are pretty close if not almost the same..to me they're different, I envision and feel them differently, but I understand if they appear to be the same stupid stuff to anyone who reads this.


Thank you for your time, and for any feedback you can give me.

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Based on the very specific characters you've envisioned, I doubt that anyone but you could choose one to be your main. If that's what you really want.

You don't have to limit yourself to one character, I have more than I can ever play. But that might make you pick one of those you shared, then create something fundamentally different so that you aren't playing the same over and over. Unless that works for you, which is fine, too.

Note that the story is voice acted and while there are choices along the way, there is essentially one story, which may not align with your character's preconceived personality. The commander is essentially a killing machine, albeit out of necessity.

People have complained in the past about the voice acting ruining their RP ideals so thought I'd mention it.

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Thank you for replying <3


I'm totally cool with what the storyline has and the acting, to me it brings more life to everything and makes the PC feel more real, since most other games don't do that. It wouldn't stop a person from still having their own headcanon or mentally adjusting what's happening in the story to match their ideas.


I wasn't asking about a main though, I plan to have both characters, I just can't decide on which race should be which class since to me, each combo works :c

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I don't usually RP (did it maaany years ago and in another game), so don't take my feedback seriously!

The charr druid seems to fit more a gladium, someone more at the edge of the (charr) society, so I would use a single name if you go for it. The guardian on the other hand, seems more accepted by his/her warband (so I'll definitely go for a double name), even if he cares about other things than just war (maybe choosing the Priory would fit).


Idk much about Asura (I'm thinking about very independent ones, who chose to don't be in competition with the others... help!). In general, I would probably choose a druid (because of the pet) if you think about a solitary/non-conformist/even outcast character, while the guardian for someone who (in addition to care about the others, as both are support classes in the end) is more integrated into the group/warband.

It's just a blah blah, eh! As I said I don't even RP.

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6 minutes ago, Urud.4925 said:

It's just a blah blah, eh! As I said I don't even RP.

Oh no no, your answers were very helpful and well built on what I was thinking, you added more detail and nuance to the ideas. I thank you a lot. But, I hope you can see my dilemma..each of the four ideas works, at least in my mind, and can be further developed into a more cohesive character.

In the end, I will have both, I'm just stupid and cannot decide for the life of me which if the two races should be which of the two classes..which sadly is leaving me unable to play since I can't make them :c

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Having just finished the Return to Sandswept Isles story, I think your idea for a Charr Druid sounds like a character who would eventually be drawn to the Olmakhan.  It really seems like a perfect fit to me.  That could be a long-term goal for you in terms of RP.  They will find their tribe in the end. 🙂


That leaves you with an Asura guardian, which I think brings up a lot of possibilities for non-conformity.  Maybe starting an independent College of Holistics or something.


Just my two cents.  I love all the thought you've put into this.



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On 9/4/2021 at 10:07 PM, Kaliwenda.3428 said:

Just my two cents.  I love all the thought you've put into this.



SO sorry for the late reply, work has been murder on me (I mean, it always is but we've started holiday stuff so oof).


Thank you so so much, that really means a lot to me. My mind honestly overthinks like this on everything in life, it gets to be a hassle tbh, so exhausting and time-consuming lol


I def thought about the Olmakhan but your College of Holistics idea is A M A Z I N G and I'm salty I didn't think of it myself 😂


After talking with my bestie though (before you replied), she helped me with her own logic and I ended up going with charr guardian and asura druid. Hard to explain with my just-got-home-from-work tired brain, but it worked out in the end and I'm happy with my babs.


Thank you again 💙💙💙

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