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Leveling build


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Not sure anyone can fill that request ... most people that put effort into such build guides are focused on endgame content. 


BUT ... if I was leveling a new necro from level 1, my target build for leveling with minions (in OW content for map completion as a new player) would be this:




Basically I would focus on unlocking Spite, Soul Reaping and Death Magic in that order. It's a pretty easy build to use ... if your target doesn't have a boon, just camp AA, if it does, open with Dagger 5, then camp AA. Not many core OW mobs have boons, so it's not that critical with the exception of any that might have Protection. It will be important to swap into Shroud once you unlock Soul Reaping to get the benefit from Soul Barbs.


If you want to work it into your rotation, you swap to get long duration swiftness from warhorn 5 to reduce the tedium of running around the maps. 


NOTE: This is not a build I would use outside of Core GW2 content. 

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