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Round Two. Four Winds Treasure Hunt - Games Crashes Every Time.

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Been trying to do the Treasure Hunt on labyrinthine Cliffs.


I can be on the Cliffs doing all the other things with no probs. Leave the Cliff and get on with other dailies and lvling alts all over Tyria just fine. Come back to the Cliffs to do the next Treasure Hunt. Hit round two and soon as I'm about to do the 2nd water stage - BANG! Game crashes and I get an Error Report to fill in.

Log back in, try and finish. Go off and do other tings on the Cliffs. Log alts in and quest on them.

Time to go back to the Cliffs and do the Tresure Hunt again. Hit round two, come to the second water part again and ...... BANG! .... kicked out again! at the same spot.


This has happend EVERY race now that I have done (about 5 or 6) over the last 3 days. So I only do Round 1 & 3 now just fine.





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Been crashing a lot too - the crashes are requiring me to restart my computer.  For me it also happens in Labyrinth Cliffs during the Treasure Hunt event but not specifically just at the start of Round 2 (although it has happened twice at that spot).  Have crashed at least 8 times minimum and as soon as I finished that particular event I now avoid it.

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Same, treasure hunt was due to start 16:30 CEST (5 min wait before so it starts 16:35), round one completed, then around a minute into round 2 it crashed. Restarted the game and got into a map that had treasure hunt starting in 5 minutes (time was then 16:41, so the treasure hunt round 1 in that map started at 16:46), 1 minute into round 2 of that map (16:52 ish) the game crashed again. Restarted the game and got in a map where treasure hunter was completed.... 2 maps in a row today with crash, and 3 days in a row with crash on the same part of treasure hunt (round 2)


Edit: third time today, just crashed as soon as the second part started... this is starting to be quiet stupid

Edit 2: lol, crashed again, right after I logged in after the crash....

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